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Land Records

  • New York Land Records, 1630-1975. Herkimer County.
    Land and property records from the New York Land Office and county courthouses. The records include land grants, patents, deeds, and mortgages. Oneida County records are found with the Herkimer County records. There are two series of land records filed under Herkimer County. The one that begins in 1791 covers Oneida County, plus (during the early years after 1791) Herkimer County and probably other areas that belonged to those counties during the 1790s. The other series, which begins in 1804, covers Herkimer County only. Essentially, the early deed book series for Herkimer County was continued in Oneida County after it was created, and a new series was started for Herkimer County.
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Wall maps, atlases, and insurance maps can provide valuable information about individual properties, including the names of land owners, building outlines, and construction details. Most place descriptions on this site include word-for-word transcriptions of descriptive text associated with the property from 19th and 20th century maps. Added punctuation and explanatory comments are enclosed within square brackets.

  • 1852
    Map of Oneida County, New York. Philadelphia: Newell S. Brown, 1852. Library of Congress
  • 1858
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  • 1874
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  • 1885
    Waterville, N.Y., 1885. Troy, NY: Burleigh, 1885. Library of Congress
  • 1887-1938
    Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Waterville, Oneida County, New York. Maps from 1887, 1894, 1889, 1906, 1912, 1928, and 1938.
  • 1907
    New Century Atlas [of] Oneida County, New York. Philadelphia: Century Map Company, 1907. Historic Map Works

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